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Popeye, Dean and Turtle’s Pass In Review!

The first week of May 2012 changed the lives of more than 176 men. Subsequently, when their lives changed so did the lives of 176 families. This blog was originally intended to chronicle how life changed for one of them. However, as most things do, this blog has grown beyond any imaginable expectation.

On May 3rd 2012, Popeye entered Naval Recruit Training Command. It was the start of his journey and the start of this blog. While there he, along with his division brothers, endured grueling training to become United States Sailors. Back home, his division brother’s families and I, Ollie, were getting to know each other (and by proxy the whole division!) It is from these communications that Buoyed Up began. And it is from these and continued communications that we share our world with you.


We have 8 Categories at the moment with various sub-categories. Here are a few of them and what they represent.

Mail Call! is a recurring feature in which we follow the daily lives of Ollie, Pop (and the rest of the gang). It follows a tradition from boot camp in which families received a letter once a week from their sailor. Those letters would usually reach family members on Wednesday or Thursday. For added convenience Mail Call posts also are listed by which couple wrote them. Boo & Turtle, Marie & Dean, or Ollie and Popeye.

Sailor Spotlight is a popular recurring feature in which we interview Navy Sailors. We try to spotlight one every month (when we can catch up with them, that is). If you have a loved one currently serving or who has served in the past that would like to be showcased, please contact Ollie by email at olliviagreyblogs (at) yahoo.com.

Those were the days. We can honestly say it’s been an adventure to get this far. In those were the days, we remember the posts from the past. They are broken down into Bootcamp days, A-school days, and fleet time.

The Questionnaire Category was built for those who have a Sailor Recruit. (You will find them under Those were the days/Bootcamp/Questionnaire) These posts have fun questionnaires designed to be printed and sent to boot camp sailors. All the Recruit has to do is fill them out and send them back home.

For the complete and official scope of what our navy is doing check out their websites: Navy.com or Navy.mil. For a cherry picked variety check out our Navy Events & Announcements Category. It is the place to find Naval happenings that we feel are share worthy. These post cover topics as diverse as launching an unmanned drone off a ship, to promoting alcohol awareness, to sexual assault prevention.

The MWR Category (Moral, Welfare & Recreation) is what we find to be inspirational (such as The Night Before Christmas- submariner style), offers tips and crafts (such as the newsletter), and supplies recreational recommendations.

The Junk drawer is a catch all place for orphaned posts. If a post doesn’t fit into another category it just might be found here.

 Thank you for visiting Buoyed Up! Onward to the Blog


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