Popeye my US Sailor Man

Well folks, today at 9.45am Popeye was officially sworn in as a United States Sailor Recruit. His plane left for Chicago at 11.15am. Week 1- In processing- has begun.

It is said that the first 3 weeks in boot camp are the hardest both physically and mentally. So Pop and I decided to share some of what he is going through with you all.

Week 1- “P” Week. This week Pop loses all things civilian.Upon arrival at Great Lakes Naval Station in Illinois, he will be required to make 1 phone call home stating he has arrived. From there standard naval clothing and supplies are issued. (NOTE: All his civilian clothing and civilian comforts will be placed in that previously mentioned package and shipped home. He’s not allowed to have anything that was not on an approved item list.) Popeye, this week, will be taught the correct way to store all of his new gear and proper military etiquette. While learning all this, multiple medical exams (with shots), a haircut, and physical conditioning (swimming, marching, drilling) will take place. It will be a long grueling week, but we all know he can do it.

TTFN- Until next week



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