Navy Life begins @ BOOT CAMP!

ImageThe name of game this week is confidence! Pop and his fellow shipmates are getting more than a healthy dose of it this week as they embark on the Navy Basic Training Confidence Course designed to simulate any shipboard emergencies! This includes but is not limited to shipboard firefighting, man overboard scenarios, and climbing through scuttles with full seabags (read more like round hole- square peg).

This is also the week that Pop gets his dress uniform, learns military professionalism, and is examined on everything he has learned so far. Of course drilling, pt, and general yelling will still be part of everyday life.

The bonus this week though, happens for all of us. It’s called the form letter. Pop finally has a division so he finally has an address! Now please don’t go stalking his mom and dad … or the mail carrier. It takes a few days for that letter to get here. I know you are all dying to send letters and such, and I know he is going to be absolutely tickled to receive them, but we have rules to follow! This is very important since any one of us could cause Pop to earn more Individual Physical Training and/or ridicule if we mess up. Trust me when I say no matter how well intentioned a token of our appreciation is, it is never a good idea to give a sailor recruit more attention than the others in his division.

So Mail Rules:
1. Everything must fit into a standard size white envelope
(Therefore food, Magazines, Care Packages, Civilian cloths, ect. are not allowed)
2. Don’t decorate the envelope! This includes stickers! Remember it has to be white and standard sized!
3. No pictures you don’t intend the whole division including the chief to see.
4. Greeting cards are wonderful if they are not oversized, have a basic white envelope and do not contain multimedia properties. (NO SINGING CARDS!)
5. No discouraging words or sad news!
6. Even though we have liberty to write every day if we wish… he has selective time to write back! Don’t get discouraged. Keep writing to him.
-and most important-
7. His name and address are to be marked as follows:

SR Segar, Popeye, C
Ship ??? Division ???
??? Drive or Street
Great Lakes, IL 60088-???

TTFN- until next week.



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