12 Stolen Days

So far it’s been about 12 days since the Navy whisked Popeye away from us. I can not believe it! There are days I forget. I sign onto the computer or send off a text and then it hits me. Basic is an ungodly 9 weeks long! So, I go about my day making lists of things to share with him. My goal is to keep him encouraged and keep him informed of just how much I love and miss him. Entertained is an added bonus!- free of charge.

Now for some fun trivial stuff… his mama got the form letter but I forgot to ask if she got the box. Yes, I can see that little wheel turning in you head. How do I know she got it? It’s an interesting story.  And I kind of felt bad for the mailman- on second thought… maybe not he’s an ass. I told him he wasn’t allowed to come back with out bringing me a letter or something. So, he handed me one. It was a bill! Therefor, I broke down and called his mama.  That’s how I got his address! (Which brings me to a side note: I don’t know which of them doesn’t remember when his birthday is! His mama said it was TODAY! She said she sent a card. For as long as I have know him his birthday was last month on the 15! Either she is right or he just earned a lot of unnecessary push ups! Maybe even a few sharks!   Oops!




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