The Interwebs and a Whole New World of Support

It’s a small world after all!

I had my doubts about joining a website for moms (after all I’m a GF- not a mom), but after snooping around it for a few days I knew it was the right thing to do. I created my profile, and after some searching hooked up with the PIR division. Even with my background (I have 9 sailors in my family), it is exciting and comforting to find so many people in the same boat! (Yeah, bad pun.. HeHe). And with Popeye’s mama giving me his division number yesterday, a flood of relief swept over me! His division, spanning distances from California to Boston and Minnesota to Texas,  is mainly made up of people like him! There are SRs older and there are SRs younger! He might even know the SRs of the women I am talking to daily. I put their names (10 in all) in a letter and told him to hunt his division for them!

Yet, I have soooo many wonders and worries! I wonder if Pop will find those SRs and if he will become friends with them. I wonder who he spends time with and what they are like. I wonder how his division is coming together. I wonder if they have Popeye doing a job or if he’s part of a crew. I can’t wait to find out! It’s all so interesting and exciting to know.

It will also be interesting hearing snippets of what Popeye and his shipmates are going through from multiple sources too. (Yes Crafty! I know I am.) So, I wish him my love, and hope he can be on his very best behavior! No matter how far away he is or how isolated he feels, some how I know the news will always gets back home.

TTFN- until next time



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