Hands On!

This last week also holds some really good news! The form letter arrived and we now know Popeye’s official boot camp address! I’m sure he cannot wait until mail call. Apparently it is like Christmas! (and I’m sure as week 3 is starting Christmas couldn’t come any sooner!)

Onward to this weeks update!
This week is hands on week. It’s where Popeye gets to learn Sailor skills (seamanship). There is everything from knot making to first aid to signal flags and everything in between. Classroom studies will still be going on. After all, a Sailor needs to know the names of all the ships, as well as be able to identify them! Customs and courtesies continue. So does knowledge based subjects like armed conflict law, communications, and money management.

This week he will also be proving to his RDC’s (drill instructors) that he is physically up to the job! Let’s wish him well….
until next time-



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