Dear RTC, Are those… Pictures?!?

Today I got to see pictures from the day Popeye arrived at Basic! Sadly, they are not his pictures or the pictures of his division but they were good to see anyway!  Some of these photos are highly amusing. I now know why Pop has to have the military face…. you know the stone cold killer one…. LOL. You should see this one SR in the pictures. He looks like he is trying to channel Popeye! And just an FYI on the BCG… I think the Buddy Holly look is in fashion again! They really don’t look that bad. There are early pictures of a division that in-processed in April. (2 weeks before Popeye). Some of the seabags look bigger than the recruits! There was a picture of one SR almost toppling over, while another looked like he was about to give birth to his seabag! But then again I think that might have been the flag carriers (insert naughty word here).

Any way….. I’m very much looking forward to the random pictures that the RCT will be posting to facebook over the next few weeks! They let us vote for the photo of the week! The photos are of random divisions during training. I’m hoping that perhaps one day they will surprise Popeye’s division and post the picture! (Another side note: who ever has that job [Facebook Poster] in the US Navy has like the BEST job in the universe! I volunteer to run around base taking pictures and then posting them on Facebook! I do! I do! I do!)

TTFN- until next time



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