Questionnaire #2

  1. Today is week _____ day _______.
  2. Today’s date is ________________.
  3. I go to bed at _________________.
  4. I wake up at __________________.
  5. Describe a typical day. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________.
  6. What is your favorite navy food? ________________________________.
  7. What is your least favorite navy food? ________________________________.
  8. Have you been able to taste the Navy food? (circle one)
    1. Yes, It’s better than you think
    2. Yes, but perhaps it shouldn’t be
    3. No, Remember I eat last!
    4. Really? Are supposed to taste it?
  9. I sleep (circle one)
    1. all night
    2. 1/2 the night… gotta get up and iron!
    3. In every class! Because I watch a door all night!
    4. what sleep?
  10. My bunkmates is
    1. friendly
    2. don’t know- too quiet
    3. helping me learn patience and long suffering!
    4. learning patience and long suffering!
    5. My best friend
  11. My bed is made so tight that the quarter hits the ceiling.  True      False
  12. My spiritual life is
    1. Great- God is showing me a lot
    2. God certainly has a sense of humor
    3. Pray for ME!
    4. A bit of heaven. The donuts are delicious… oh, did I mention the RDC’s can’t yell at us there. Heavenly!
  13. How long does it take to scrub the latrine with a toothbrush?
    1. 3 hours, but I can do it in 2!
    2. Haven’t found out yet
    3. Jesus will come back before I am done
    4. IDK; gone thru 8 toothbrushes so far!
    5. Haha… My crew still does that!
  14. What are some of the names of the recruits in your division that are now your friends? __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  15. So far, what has been the best part of basic? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  16. and what has been the worst? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  17. What did you do to get busted and get I.T? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  18. What is the hardest thing you have done so far? _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  19. Is it getting better? ______________________________________________________________
  20. What has been the dumbest thing a recruit has done or said? ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  21. Are you still looking forward to A school in Anytown? _______________________________
  22. On a scale of 1-88 how is your div working as a team? _______________
  23. The worst thing that I did was _____________________________________________________________________________________________
  24. as a result they made me/ my div ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  25. The amount of pushups I have done so far :
    1. less than 500
    2. more than 1000
    3. done so many I can’t count that high

Additional comments: ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



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