Mail Call!

So, Popeye sent his first letters home on Monday. Took 2 whole days to receive but well worth it. I love seeing his handwriting and reading in his words about all of his adventures. For the young Recruit Master at Arms who is being douchy to his division, I will deal with you later! We will have a heart to heart. Me screaming, you listening! Trust me little boy, I can out scream your RDC! There is a little thing in the fleet called team and I have every intention that Popeye’s division is one. And if that doesn’t work… hello Ricky Ninja! 

So far Popeye and his shipmates have passed most of the tests. His division hasn’t lost anyone (yet). They have been beat a few times (not physically assaulted: PTed- Physical Training). A few of the Sailor Recruits really needed it. Popeye included. He’s a few push ups and sit ups shy of the passing mark. Yet, they are all still making progress. 

Popeye says his favorite times of the day are Chow and Tapps. His favorite person so far is his rack mate, and his favorite RDC calls his division screw ups “dogs of ass who shall not pass!” 

Well onward to decipher more of Popeye’s letters. TTFN- until next time. 




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