Mail Call Pt2

Well after deciphering Pop’s letters, I know one thing for sure. Nothing goes according to plan in the Navy! Because of a crazy long in-processing the RTC (Recruit Training Command) has decided to green light two push divisions. These two brother divisions will cover the same material as the other divisions but technically do it in a shorter amount of time. Guess who is in that push group? Yup, my dear Popeye!

Popeye’s training was supposed to follow the schedule below:

Week 1- In-processing week
Week 2- Confidence
Week 3- Hands on Sailor Skills
Week 4- Hell Week! Live Fire and Midterms
Week 5- Career week
Week 6- Fire Safety
Week 7- Battle Stations 21
Week 8- Parade in review! (AKA Graduation!)

Now, we just hope they can fit it all into the Navy’s ghetto calendar week without anyone being ASMOED (held back 2 weeks!)

TTFN- until next mail call!



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