Halfway Hallelujahs!

The half way point is here. Pop got to call home yesterday! He talked to his dad for about 20 min.
Pappy’s report is as follows:

Popeye is doing good. His division all seemed to have caught a chest cold, but all 84 of them are hanging tough. The first 36 hours of boot camp were the hardest. They were literally up that long. Popeye still mentions that chow and bedtime are his favorite times of day. The getting up is easy now that it is routine, but they are all exhausted by the end of the day. They are learning how to shoot now. Popeye has a practice pistol and is excited to “play” with it. Overall everything is good. He’s looking forward to Graduation.

Other news from his division-
They have earned their first flag and have designed their division flag. The division one is a surprise for us at Graduation. From the sound of things, the division is really quite strong. They are one of the only divisions still with 80+ members. Their RDC and a few other shipmates believe they can attain the hall of fame flag for their division! 😀

That is all the news I have for the moment. Mail is expected tomorrow. 😀 You all have a great day.
TTFN- until next time.



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