Figuring out the Navy’s Ghetto Bootcamp Calendar

Figuring out what Popeye is doing is even more of a challenge now. Yea push divisions! He often speaks of what he is doing in weeks and days.

In Navy boot camp weeks aren’t counted the same way that civilian weeks are counted. Each Navy boot camp week is 5 days long (don’t be fooled- training happens on all 7 days for nearly 9 weeks!). Saturdays are counted off as the bootcamp week they fall in. Sundays and actual holidays are referred to as Holiday routine. Here is a sample of how the Navy conducts it’s goofy calendar week!

Let’s take the 23rd for example, because Popeye told me both the civilian date and the Navy bootcamp day! Wednesday May 23 was day 3 of week 2. Get out your makeshift ghetto prison calendar and follow along!

Week 2:
Thursday May 24 4-2; Friday May 25 5-2; Saturday May 26 Saturday 2;
Sunday May 27- Holiday; Monday May 28- Holiday (Memorial Day for those who didn’t know);
Week 3
Tuesday May 29 1-3; Wednesday May 30 2-3; Thursday May 31 3-3; Friday June 1 4-3; Saturday June 2- Saturday 3. Monday June 3 5-3

Now even the SRs like Popeye can mess it up. This last letter is dated in civilian time as June 2 and in Bootcamp time as Day 4 of Week 3!

Ugh… my head hurts! How about yours??? Nap time!
TTFN- until next time!



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