Mail Call

Let’s see what I can share with you all today.

From the Questionnaire-
Officially on the 23rd of May, Popeye’s division was on week 2 day 3.

A normal day for him is waking up at 6am, getting chow at 7 and then getting their compartment on-spot (in order). Once that is complete they do in house PT, studying and drilling. Lunch is around 11.15. After lunch Popeye’s division goes to a class, the computer lab, or partakes in more drill exercises. The day ends with laundry, mail call and Tapps. (8pm-10pm).

So far Pop has found the classes to be the most interesting part of bootcamp. He especially likes those classes that deal with UCMJ (United States Code of Military Justice). The worst has been standing watch from 0600-0800.

From the letters-
P week was a long week. Because of it taking so long, Popeye’s division will technically have less days in bootcamp.

They had their first test on the 24th. He of course passed. Yet, he is still worried about getting ASMOED (getting sent back 2 weeks). But he says he is “a survivor and he will survive”. He’s also signed up to take the DLPT test. Let’s pray that all his St. Thomas studying paid off.

His clearance went well. There are things that pertain to his job in the Navy that he will never be able to share with anyone. Please don’t get offended if you ask a question and he doesn’t answer it. It’s one of those “If I tell you, I have to kill you things.”

Popeye also has a task to do. As part of the night watch, Pop is now required to carry a pistol. He’s having fun with it.

Popeye says the RDCs still mess with people’s heads. They talk about how many recruits had failed in previous divisions, and run mock inspections without informing the division that is only a trial run. But no worries. He will get through it.

Until next time. TTFN.



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