Updates by the Letter!

If you haven’t been keeping up so far, Pop’s division had an extra long prep week. So long in fact that it cut into their bootcamp training time. Despite the shortened training cycle, they still have to get all the work done! This means the Navy week by week timeline has gone out the window!

Officially on June 2nd Popeye’s division was on Day 4 of Week 3. Bed is at 2200 and Rising is at 0500!

As you all know, Popeye was able to call home. He got to talk to his dad and his Grandpa. 😀 Short calls, but better than none.

On the 30th the Navy had Career Day. Popeye found out what his Navy job was! Sorry folks, until further notice, that is classified information.

So far, Popeye’s division has been seeing less of the RDCs.
Most of the time they only have to deal with one! This is great news because now the RDC’s are letting up a bit and are joking around more. The 29th had a big victory them all. It was the first day they had marching with NO yelling.

Military ID Pictures were taken on the 31st. The RDC dared them to smile. They also had their hair cut again. Pop’s division buddies tease him about these things.

A large thing to note: Pop’s brother division lost an RDC (circumstances were not known), but he deals with their Chief more often now. Most of the SRs are a bit intimidated by the neighboring Chief. At a mock weapons turn over, under that Chief, about 70% of the division took hits and had to do 50-200 8 count body builders! Pop lucked out. Apparently he is pretty good and stable with his weapon.

Everyone in his division is getting more confident. Though this week, week 4, is supposed to be Hell week! It really is a make or break week. They have 2 inspections coming up: uniform/weapons inspection and zone inspection. Not to worry though. They had a mock uniform/ weapons inspection and aced it! They also will have a fitness test during week 4. Please be extra sensitive this week with mail. Keep it coming and make sure it is absolutely positive!

That is all for now.
TTFN- until next time.



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