Questionnaire #5

  1. Today is week _____ day _______.
  2. Toady’s date is ________________.
  3. I go to bed at _________________.
  4. I wake up at __________________.
  5. I sleep(circle one)
    1. all night long. Ahh Refreshing.
    2. between keeping watch and ironing my underwear… maybe an hour or two a night.
    3. what sleep? I haven’t slept in a month!
    4. You don’t sleep during Battle Stations… so I’m practicing!
  6. My rack mate and I are getting along True  False
  7. I teach him __________________________________________________________________.
  8. He teaches me __________________________________________________________________
  9. I’m proud to say I’m an expert in:

a) folding b) Ironing
c) dressing d) IT
e) being Susie Q home maker

  1. My spiritual life is
    1. Hate to tell you, the Navy wants to make me a priest!
    2. God really does have a sense of humor
    3. Pray for ME!
    4. Delicious. They have my favorite donuts!

11.  How long does it take to scrub the latrine with a toothbrush?

    1. Hours! Just Hours!
    2. HaHa! I’ve escaped that duty!
    3. Jesus will come back before I am done
    4. IDK; gone thru 10 toothbrushes so far!
    5. That’s right boys… Keep scrubbing!

12.  So far, what has been the best part of basic? and what has been the worst? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

14. Do you have a bootcamp job? If so, what is it? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

15. What did your div do to get busted and get I.T? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

16. What is the hardest thing you have done so far? Is it getting better? _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________

17. What has been the dumbest thing a recruit has done or said? _________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

18. Will your division make it through Battle Stations? How do you know? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

19. Are you still looking forward to A school in Anytown? _____________________________________

20. On a scale of 1-84 how is your div working as a team? _____________________

21. The worst thing my div has ever done ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

22. as a result they made us ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

23. Has Ricky Ninja paid a visit to your division? _______________________
If so, what did he do? ______________________________________________________________

24. The amount of pushups I have done so far :

    1. less than 500
    2. more than 1,000
    3. done so many I can’t count that high

25. Looking forward to Graduation day, what do you want to do/ have? ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

Additional comments: _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________



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