The Navy Life- (for a wife?-or- girlfriend)

Not that long ago, Mr. Bossman stopped me on the floor during my work. He mentioned that a supervisor position, that I had originally applied to and lost (because working on a reservation gives preference to Native Americans), had re-opened. He asked to have my resume and job application on his desk by the date the posting closed. Of course I giddily complied. At the time of the request Mr. Bossman knew I was dating Popeye. He knew that it was a serious relationship, and he knew Popeye was in bootcamp.

Well, Mr. Bossman took a few applications. A man from the 3rd shift thought he had gotten the position due to seniority. A woman from 2nd shift thought she would get it because she was the trainer. And I had hopped that I would get it, because it was my job last time (again the only reason they didn’t give it to me then was because an Indian applied and on a reservation they have to give it to the Indian). Well, long outcome short, I didn’t get the job. Why not this time? I didn’t get the job because Popeye was a Sailor! WTF? right?

In Mr. Bossman’s eyes my relationship with Popeye was a risk. A risk they were not willing to make. I would get the job, get all trained up and leave in less than 2 years. They wanted a more “stable” option. Mr. Bossman made it perfectly clear that my relationship with a sailor man would get me nowhere. I would move every 2.9 years. I would bounce jobs. If I could even get one, I would start every job at the bottom and never work my way up. It was infuriating and insulting. I probably shouldn’t have, but I told Popeye.

Today he sent the sweetest letter:

 Dearest love;

Just a quick note here, your real letter will come later this week. I’m writing to tell you about graduation … (He did! I’m on the list and have the password!)…

Secondly, with respect to your job situation; I just want you to be happy and successful with what you want to do. I will do anything in my power to make you happy. I am willing to make sacrifices to see it though. I have a belief that certain things are meant to be. …(awe mushy gushy stuff for me…)  I am committed to you 100%. I’ll move mountains for you.

Always & Forever



I am grateful that he knows my situation and that he understands. I’m grateful that despite being faced with a huge decision, my decision was the easiest thing in the world. I love my Popeye. No one can replace him. And no job is worth giving him up. So I’ll take the crappy jobs at the bottom of the totem pole just to be with him.

TTFN- until next time.


2 thoughts on “The Navy Life- (for a wife?-or- girlfriend)

  1. Sorry you have to deal with that with your job. I am in the middle of switching carrers so I can move more easily.

    • Yes, but it is something we all have to deal with isn’t it? I’m really trying to find something that is more easily transferable and pays decent. I imagine it will be a bit of a struggle at first but as resourceful as Pop and I are, I’m sure we’ll be able to figure something out.


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