Mail Call!

Okay y’all, here is Popeye’s version of the week!

Popeye wrote to say that he made the official reservations for our family to attend his graduation. At the time of his letter he was so excited that it was in 12 days!

His week was fairly quiet. He had a few classified classes, and then said they were preparing for their firefighting and damage control courses. Popeye’s division is also preparing for 2 more inspections. One is a dress uniform/ PI inspection the other is a drill inspection. In order to prepare for some of the inspections, Bunks were switched around. Popeye now racks with Gilligan! And since Popeye is on LLD for his knee he’s not able to march in the drill. Yet, he is not worried about the division. He believes they will pass with flying colors. (I found out later in his letter that they did indeed pass the Drill inspection! They can march without a RDC now!)

Tuesday Popeye received his military ID. He’s pretty pleased with his picture and the fact that his new ID gets him “sweet deals”. He wrote, “Shopping spree in the near future, heck yea.” LOL can you hear me groan? That is because he got his pay stub as well and found out that the state that holds his residence doesn’t require him to pay taxes while on active duty.

Wednesday was the start of the third phase of bootcamp. As a reward, Popeye’s division was subject to a random FQA inspection. They got hammered by demerit chits and a few compartment hits. Yet, to their credit the divisional RDCs stepped up to help fix the problems and get a few demerits overturned. The next day, they also got called to medical for more shots. Popeye said most the division got 4, but due to his little red tag he was down to only 2. What ever those shots were his arm was still sore for a while afterward.

Beyond that Popeye said there was not much to report. A final PFA will be soon, and Battle Stations 21 is right around the corner. But most important he still can not wait to see us.

TTFN- Until next time.



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