Breath of fresh air.

This is the final week of bootcamp for Popeye. For him it’s business as usual. For me, not so much. Last week was the final PFA. Finding out that it was completed at 14.00 on Thursday, I’ve been on pins and needles praying he passed. Each SR is supposed to be given time to call home if they do not pass. Yet, several mom’s in Pop’s PIR group said they found out their sons/daughters failed the test the day the others were entering Battle Stations 21. Pop’s Battle Stations 21 test is next. Thursday to Sunday or Monday with no news about the PFA. My gut had never felt worse. Shear anxiety tormented me.

But today all that went away. Popeye called! He passed! Thank GOD! Only one person in his division failed. That SR needs to pick up 20 seconds on his run. Popeye wasn’t too conceded about it because there will be a retest for those who failed. His shipmate will get to try again before they go into Battle Stations and Pop might be his motivational runner. Therefor, all is well in the bootcamp universe!

Beyond the PFA and Battle Stations 21, Popeye’s phone call was the sweetest thing. 17 minutes of pure bliss! His division placed 3rd in the Captain’s cup. They beat the Seal division in running, but lost to them in volleyball. Only 3 points separated the first place (Seals), second place (Popeye’s brother division) , and third place (Popeye’s division) teams.

Happy Happy day! TTFN.



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