Color guard!

Last night Popeye called with exciting news! He has been asked to be part of today’s color guard! Okay, I can see the confusion on several faces. Color guard? and why is it an honor?

The color guard is a group of people (in this case Sailors) who carry out the emblems (the flags) of our nation for display. Pop gets the honor of pulling out Old Glory, marching her down to the flag pole and hoisting her up! (Literally! He’s the tallest Sailor and as such will be responsible for our National Emblem each and every time he is assigned color guard.) Then at an appropriate time (around 17.00- 5 pm) He gets to do it in reverse and put Old Glory to bed.

Time: 20.00 (8pm)

Popeye’s report

“Wow Ollie, it was incredible. I was responsible for our NATIONAL flag. No one will get that job but me. No one is taller than I am. We marched shoulder to shoulder. And every where we went, we were saluted. Even the officers saluted us! It was just… Wow. I want… no I need to do this again. I can not wait for my next color guard assignment”

(side note: Popeye was so pleased with himself and with the honor of carrying the flag, that I couldn’t bear to tell him that the salutes they received were not for him. The salutes were honoring our flag. But despite that, Pop learned that he as an enlisted sailor enjoyed the officer’s respectful gesture. It renewed his vigor to work harder, rate up, phase up, class up and perhaps one day, in about 3 years, get excepted into the OCS (officer candidate school).)



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