Navy Life Begins Again @ Bootcamp!

Today marks a very special day in the history of the Navy… It’s that day where a SR raises his arm and swears an oath to defend our country’s freedom and ideals. And this time it isn’t Popeye! This time it’s another SR; one that grew up in the house beside mine. One that I knew from the time he wore cartoons on underpants! What’s more amazing is that he and Popeye are in the same rate and both are heading into roughly the same job. So onward to Bootcamp Pt.2!

The most notable difference this time around is that the bootcamp experience is identical yet vastly different from one SR to another and from one loved one to the next. Little D will go through the same exercises/drills that Popeye went through, but with a brand new group. That group will have its own dynamic. It will have similar struggles but those struggles will be uniquely their own. It’s even vastly different for me! Having a SR that is an almost brother is different than a SR friend, SR brother, SR cousin, SR son, SR best friend, and most defiantly different than a SR significant other. Dispite the differences, I (and now Popeye) are excited and eager to share our love and support for this newest offering to our fleet!





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