Packages! Packages! and more Packages!

During A-school Sailors like Popeye are given more freedom. Part of this freedom includes personal items. Sailors want their stuff- especially after they have been forced to go without it for 2 months in basic and how ever long their A-school Petty Officer chose for them to be without. Pop is no exception to this rule. His requests…

Please send:
* My books. (Study material for his A-school)
* My cloths
* Cookies- after all the last 2 times cookies were sent the RDCs ate them
* Pictures for the nightstand
Please order:
* My computer- use my military discount! I get one now you know (This after a very animated conversation about how he now had enough money to walk into the Best Buy store and flat out purchase a large screen mac computer. Of course that conversation took place while he and his shipmates were standing outside Best Buy)
Please find:
* A ridiculously obscure DVD from 10 years ago. (Found it in 2 minutes on for $2.50- add $2.50 and a week for shipping and I had a very happy sailor!)



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