The Scuttlebutt!

Up until today, two things have always been counted on. The first is that I, Ollie have been regularly updating this blog… alone and Popeye has left me to it. That however, has now changed! (For the better I might add!)

First, let me introduce you all to my coconspirators; My Navy division sisters Boo and Marie! Throughout this entire ride, I really don’t know what I would have done without them. Marie’s husband, Dean, and my Popeye left from MEPS to attend bootcamp together. Once there they were assigned brother divisions. Boo’s husband, Turtle, (really fiancee but what is a piece of paper?) and Popeye were in the same division. Throughout the full 9 week course of carrying on without our Sailors, us girls bonded. It was that bond that led me to asking each of them to join with me and fully round out our story and this blog. And they agreed!

Second, let’s tackle the issue of Popeye. Since the day he entered bootcamp, Popeye has taken a backseat when it comes to the writing of these posts. He updates me regularly and I then update the blog for everyone. For a while, I honestly didn’t think he would read it or would approve. I was wrong. (Yes, my love, I admitted to it and you have it in writing!) I briefly mentioned to Pop today about updating it and he actually asked if he and the “males” could read it. My stomach turned in knots as I forked it over. It took a few minutes for him to respond.

Ollie, we need to talk about this (Uh-oh) This is….. FANTASTIC! (::Beaming::) No, Ollie, this is really good! I’m glad you girls are doing this. WOW. I Love it. (::Triumph::)

It was a zipididoda moment hearing Popeye gush. I even offered and he even accepted the invitation to one day (when not too busy) post something of his own!



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