Wake Up Call

After waking up every morning to drive Dean to class I, Marie, have learned in order to keep my sanity once I get home I need to go back to bed for a little bit.  Well this weekend is phase up weekend.  Dean has passed his PFA and his tests and today is his dress whites inspections.  So like every Friday we get in the car and I ask him if he has everything, and like every other Friday Dean says yes.  Well half way (only like 2 mins) into our way to class… Dean yells ” Cover! F***, I forgot my cover!” So I drop him off and have to head home and return with his cover, at this point he has just taken and extra 10 mins of my time that I could have been sleeping.  Once I return home, I crawl back into bed to enjoy some well deserved sleep.  Then I am woken up to my dog barking crazily (he never barks!) I jump out of bed to hear 20 men outside my window.  Normally I would be scared out of my mind but this was a comforting noise… it was a marching cadence.  Now why they were marching/running through my neighborhood on base I have no idea.  But what I did next surprised even me… I went out my front door looking like a hot mess and watched them and just listened. 



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