Hello there! It is 1:48 my time, and I am absolutely going nuts. So I decided to post; and vent a bit!

Well, as everyone knows, Turtle is in a-school, and is working his little sailor butt off to phase up and do well in class and balance everything. I have been completely understanding, even though at times I’ve wanted to pull my hair out from complete lack of communication. The ladies I share this blog with, would totally understand where I am coming from, seeing as we just came off boot camp. But some people don’t get that this lifestyle isn’t just hard on the military part of the relationship. I think I would go crazy without Ollie. To have someone going through the same thing, on my side, but different experiences.  Plus. she has a trillion family members in the force.

Anyway, as of Thursday (the 9th) I have not heard from Turtle, at all. No phone calls, no texts, no Facebook, no email, no smoke signals, no crow with a letter. No nothing. It is driving me crazy, because until yesterday (the 12th) I had no idea what was going on! Just complete silence from him. And it scared me to death.

It’s always a struggle to admit self fears, but I fear for my relationship with this distance. I mean, we have done distance before. 75% of our relationship was distance. But this is different. After living together a year, everything has change. Probably because I know what I missing. Probably because I’m staying with his parents, in his room. Everyday, I am surrounded by him. And he is surrounded by other dudes. It’s not fair on my part, at sometimes. Well, I think it, but then take it back, because I chose to do this. I chose to give up a totally different life for this one. And its not that I dont regret it, but that is a totally different story.

What I fear is.. him finding someone else. And loving them more. Wow.. that was a lot harder to write than I can express. But, its the truth. I’m scared he will find some pretty, tan, beach babe, and forget about his Midwest wife. That he will want something new.

I talked about this with him, and he says I’m ridiculous, but I don’t think so. But I don’t talk about it anymore. Anyhow; That why this silence scared me, so I reached out to my Navy sisters, Ollie and Hut. Ollie’s sailor isn’t on the same base, but Hut’s is. And on the same night me and Ollie decided to post a missing post on Turtles Facebook, I hear from Hut, who told me that he was on restriction for two weeks, and will you guess the reason?


Of all the things.. I shake my head, guys, cuz this is just crazy! Needless to say, I am unhappy, angry even. I miss him so much, and I tell him that. And its just..



One thought on “Argh!

  1. I am so sorry, if it make you feel any better my hubby would forget to shave too. I have had to remind him on too many occasions that he needs to shave.. I know me saying that doesnt really help but I have had the same “he is going to find someone else” thoughts too. And I am here with him. But he probably is thinking the same with you finding someone else. Its the lack of communication. We have all had those thoughts, but you can do it. It doesnt get easier you just get stronger!! Hang it there!


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