Delta Sierra

Many have heard the term Bravo Zulu (Well Done), but I highly doubt if many people are aware of it’s counter part Delta Sierra other wise known as Dumb $#!^.  Popeye has familiarized himself with this term lately and not in a good way. He strives to remain in the Bravo Zulu category while other shipmates around him are sliding into Delta Sierra! In fact, one slid so far as to be considered a burnbag, (slang for a very substandard sailor in Pop’s rate).
This burnbag provided quite the example. He stopped mustering in the morning; He stopped cleaning his quarters; and above all else he stopped doing his A-school lessons! Now, if you recall an earlier post from Boo, turtle got restriction for 2 weeks for not shaving! This Sailor got a Captain’s Mast! Popeye and all the other Sailors were invited to attend. When asked why they were invited to the Captain’s Mast, Popeye responded, “So we all know what not to do!”

Since the Captain’s Mast and Turtle’s restriction, Popeye has been a little on edge. He is even more determined to be perfect. Most conversations end with “Ollie Honey, I love you but I have to go. I need to Iron, clean, and shine my shoes!” At times it feels a little excessive. I want to say “But your shoes are shinny, and you iron every night! Surly one night can be skipped.” But I know in my heart of heart that is not true. One skipped night becomes two skipped nights. Two skipped nights become I’ll do it tomorrow. I’ll do it tomorrow becomes when I get time to do it. Before too long a Sailor slides into an undisciplined burnbag standing before his fellow shipmates, while hearing his fate at the Captain’s Mast!



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