Classing up

After a month and 16 days of waiting Popeye has finally classed up. Honestly, he and I were both going stir crazy for his A-school to begin. Others in his bootcamp division have already classed up. Some in fact have already finished their schooling. And even crazier still some have already left to meet their ships- they are getting deployed! It goes to show that the US Navy certainly does have its own time schedule.

Anyway, Pop is now classed up and got to tell me a bit about his day. He is in a relatively small but challenging class. His instructors have said that one out of four fail it. (If you are reading this Pop… STUDY!) But I’m not that worried. Pop has previously been exposed to what he is now learning so it’s more like remembering how to ride a bike versus actually learning to ride it. In fact, I believe bootcamp was harder for him than this stint at A-school.

Until next time- TTFN


One thought on “Classing up

  1. Turtle started school 3 weeks ago, and he is so swamped. Between that and watch duties, he falls asleep on the phone and in his nwus!


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