A Shattered Trust- Fox news names Navy SEAL writing tell-all book

Not more than 2 hours ago it was brought to my (Ollie’s) attention via the Huffington post that a major breach occurred. The headline reads “Fox News, AP Reveal Identity of Navy SEAL Writing Bin Laden Tell-All”. I have to say I was stunned. Now that some feeling has returned I’m not sure who I am most angry with; Fox News and the Associated Press or the Navy SEAL.

As a member of a military family, I have been taught to observe OPSEC (operational security) and PERSEC (personal security). (For a list of what OPSEC entails please see the post on the top of this page entitled “Loose Lips Sink Ships”) In fact, ALL military families know and to the best of their ability honor both codes. To us it is a matter of life and death. It not only safeguards our loved ones and their shipmates, it safeguards the mission, and ultimately our own families. I can understand that Fox news and the AP wouldn’t quite understand that. But, I don’t know or understand how a Navy SEAL (whether he be a former one or not), could break that code. Where is that sense of duty? Where is that commitment to one’s fellow brother-at-arms? Was the greed and the glory worth the risk of putting not just himself but his family, his fellow shipmates and his fellow shipmates families in danger? It’s still unfathomable.

Then there is Fox news and the AP. I have a laundry list of reasons not to like either entity. But this, even in their skewed world of “journalism” takes things to a new level. Where was the journalistic integrity to protect  the source? How could they blatantly disregard the safety of innocent people- namely the civilian family members of SEAL team 6? I’m beyond words. Way….Beyond…. Words. It really is a shattered trust.



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