“The Keel is the first part of the ship to be constructed… “

That is the first line of the DIV 203 & 204 yearbook, along with a picture of a statue of a Sailor with his sea-bag. It’s a rather thick book, with a huge golden Navy emblem, and I would suggest to any SR’s (Seamen Recruits) to order one when they are in basic. It makes explaining what happened a lot easier. The only real problem I have with it, is that the pictures they use through out have nothing to do with my Sailor’s DIV! They are all random, some in winter dress, some in summer. It’s just random, you would think they could afford, to take new pictures. I mean, it took 2 months to get the book. And it is a sturdy book. Anyway, it is nice, because they do have pictures of all the individual  Sailors in both DIV’s, and group pictures.

With that, I have determined that they are all dorks! Everyone of them! The poses and face, just crack me up. Especially when I saw my Turtle, flexing muscles, and the same with Ollie’s Popeye. But, I knew that Ollie probably wouldn’t get the yearbook, so I found Popeye and took pictures with my phone and sent them! I did the same with Hutchinson’s wife, because she was on an airplane to go see him, so I thought she might want to know I got my yearbook!

Have a good day everyone! (:



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