Team Effort

Everything seems to be team this or team that.  Dean this week has had to deal with consequences of being part of a team and the others not holding their own.  On Tuesday, Dean and his class had a test like they do every week.  This week however Dean scored the HIGHEST in the class and his best score ever!!!! Exciting right…. NOPE.  Because others in the class failed to do as well and they class had 2 failures(below a 2.5) and 6 fall below a 3.0, the class average went WAY down.  This in no way was Dean’s fault he obviously did his part and studied and did well, but because of the others lack of care and studying the entire class has now been given extra mandatory study hours.  Dean already ends up just reading way ahead during his mandatory study time, but now extra because 8 people cant pull their weight… Not a fan of it.

Next up on team punishments is an extra muster at 2330 to have everyone go through the end of the night security checks.  This is because on 2 separate occasions end of night security check were done incorrectly and on these 2 occasions a locker was left unlocked!!  Their lockers contain important information and lets just leave it at this is a MAJOR security violation.  Last night Dean had closing watch so he came home and napped then when to do his watch and muster with his class to do the group end of night checks.  After his class was dismissed he had to go back through it again because he had to sign off on the watch log.  But the fun comes in that his checks didnt get to start till 0015 because his classmates didnt want to take the end of night class check seriously and thought it was a joke… again Not a fan.

I understand that they need to work as a team, but because of others lack of care Dean is being punished he can only care for himself he cant make others care.  He can lead a horse to water but cant make it drink… its like that only he is getting the punishment because they wont drink!



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