Food is not Free

Today is a Tuesday, and usually on Tuesday I go to the commissary to go grocery shopping.  Well I went today and found a little note on the door stating that they were closed in observance of Labor day.  NEW FLASH  Labor day was YESTERDAY!!!  Now granted the commissary is usually closed on Monday but still TODAY is TUESDAY.  Now as Ollie ask me as I complained to her that I have no food, why not just go the the grocery store off base?  1- Dean needs to be picked up anytime now, 2- Its dirty (not really but its one of those places you just think is dirty) 3- I have to PAY TAXES on my FOOD!!!!!

Paying taxes on my food is WRONG!  I avoid it at all cost, I don’t think that a necessity should be taxed so the government can make more money off me!

Moral of the story I HATE paying TAXES on my food, so I will find a way to make a meal out of noodles, grapes and taco seasoning, just to avoid paying taxes.


One thought on “Food is not Free

  1. That sucks! In Washington State there is no tax on food. It never should be taxed.


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