Mail Call!

Well, this weeks mail call really should be phone call, because that is what it was.

Popeye has been classed up for about two weeks now. They are progressing nicely. Popeye informs me that his class is moving at a fast clip. Some of the others seem to be struggling, but not Popeye. He is one of the best in his class. I’m really proud of him!  Especially since he is getting 100% when quizzed. Even though Pop is excelling doesn’t mean he has gone slacker. He knows he can’t rest on his laurels if he wants to succeed to the degree he hopes to attain. He actually studies, and studies hard. There have been a few nights when I, from afar, have been able to help him study. I’m pretty sure none of it actually helped him, but it was nice to be included.

In other news, Pop’s A-school had a high ranking visitor come and speak to them. Popeye loved it! It was a good moral boost for him. The speech solidified Popeye’s excitement to climbing the ladder in the military. It’s looking like this might be his chosen career field after all. Granted we won’t know for sure until A-school is done and his actual work begins.

Well, that is all for the mail call this week. TTFN.



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