Life Begins at Bootcamp (Pt. 2) and then marches on…

Caping ceremony at the RTC

A few of you may remember an earlier post of mine. It was entitled Life Begins at Bootcamp Pt. 2. Well, it’s been roughly 2 months now and guess what? It’s PIR time again! Well… Friday is (for those new to us- Parade in Review only happens on Friday)! Little D has done spectacularly! He and his shipmates successfully completed Battle Stations 21 on Friday the 7th. I’m so proud of him and all of them. This time though, the RTC was on hand to capture that recruit to sailor moment. Yup that picture up top that you may think is a random stock photo isn’t a stock photo at all. That is Little D’s division participating in the time honored tradition of trading ball caps! (what tired new sailors they make) Anyway, here is to them. Enjoy it boys.

While Little D’s immediate family members travel to the RTC this week, I’ll be on my way to see Popeye. I can’t help but let my thoughts drift to the fact that I travel on the same day as some of these young sailors. It chokes me up to think of them. It brings me right back to the day Popeye PIRed. Awe… (maybe… I should pack some tissues) It was the most wonderful day- despite the rain coat fiasco. 100% worth it. But no matter what, this time around just goes to show that Navy life starts here and then marches on. The next batch of recruits will show up to take Little D and his division mates’ place at the RTC.  Little D and TG 44 will venture out to relieve earlier sailors at various A schools around the nation. Those sailors will venture into the active fleet reliving those prior to them. I guess they don’t call it the pipe line for nothing. And it sure is one hell of a ride. Welcome to the fleet and the next chapter of all of our lives.



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