Time Management..

As I sit here at 8:45 am on a Monday morning, I am making a to do list of all the things I need to do today on my day off.  Last night we had inventory at my work and I didnt get home until bout 1 am, but I was able to tackle the task of grocery shopping yesterday.

On the list today  DEEP CLEAN the house.  Every room needs help and I am out of clothes so I need to do LAUNDRY as well.  Ill be the first one to admit that I hate cleaning, but my mom in coming to visit in about 2 weeks and my hope is that Dean and I will be able to keep it clean then… Ill update you later if that actually happens.

But on top of that I need to get caught up on my HOMEWORK for my masters class, I am so behind as it started the week we moved down here, now take into account: moving, getting internet, unpacking, and working.  Its been a mess and I wish I would have taken the quarter off… Lesson Learned.

Add to the list WORKING, yes I did write working.  I work retail so how do I work at home on my day off?  Well… my store seems to have associates that don’t care how things are supposed to be done.  We have standards for EVERYTHING.  So today my task is to simplify these standards onto a form for the associates to sign.  Now why do they need to sign?  Again my store seems to have  associates who like to play the “I was never told that…OR No one showed me how… OR (MY FAVORITE)  I already know how to do that (Best part is ITS WRONG)”  SO by making a form they can not used that excuse anymore and if they fail to do things to standards their will be consequences!!!  May sound harsh but I am sick of cleaning/fixing what they do wrong.


Since moving and having a Nuke for a husband I have had to do more things alone.   I get it that people do these things all the time alone, however Dean and I have only really known how to do things as a team and with him gone most of the time more falls on me and I am struggling more than ever with how to get everything done.



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