Taken Back

This weekend was so much fun.  Friday night was taco night at another married couple’s house.  Very interesting to say the least.

Dean and I already are older than most of the people down here in class with him, now married wise… WE ARE the OLDEST.  I am not a big fan of being the oldest as I have usually been the youngest for everything.  But when I see these 18-19 year olds talking about how broke they are and how they have no money, I cant help but be taken back.  Dean and I both have our degrees, with degrees come student loans now with student loans comes DEBT!  How at 18 are you so broke off the paycheck the military gives you to live… I have no idea but anyways.  On top of them complaining about no money, they sit and talk about how they are going to buy and Xbox or a big flat screen tv with the next paycheck because they don’t have any money now(WE JUST GOT PAID ON THE 14th).  How does that work I don’t know.  The icing on the cake though…. Out of the 4 couples we know 3 are pregnant and the other is not using any protection, if it happens it happens!!!  I feel so OLD!!!!!!!

OK done with my rant and now to my fun weekend.  Saturday morning, Dean and I slept in like we used to before he left for boot camp.  We just cuddled and talk and honestly forgot what time it was till one of the guys called.  I had been talking all week about getting a pedicure so I told Dean to have the boys over while I did that.  He turns to mean slightly pissed and say ” Marie you know I have been wanting to go get one why would I have the boys over”  I was taken back once again this weekend.  So off Dean and I went to get pedicures.  I have never laughed so hard at how much he was enjoying himself, but it was so nice to see him relaxed.  While getting our pedicures done we figured out what we are doing over his holiday leave and made plans!  After our pedicures we went and picked the boys up and they came over and played some game. Then all 8 of us went downtown to Basil a super good thai restaurant and then walked around downtown for a little bit.  Then we came home and those of us that are of age had a few drinks and half the group went back to playing the game they were doing before dinner and the rest of us started watching She’s All That.  You know that 90s movie about the bet and prom.  Who ever thought I would find guys that are friends with Dean to watch chick flicks with me.  I have never laughed so hard as one of the guys was only like 5 when the movie came out.

Now onto today, Dean is still sleeping, kitchen is cleaned, laundry is washed and folded and I don’t have to be to work for another 4 hours.  Military life and Nuke life has definitely been a roller coster but one I wouldn’t trade for the world.  Even with being taken back more than I would like a some peoples stupidity, life has this weird way of only giving you as much as you can handle, even if you think your not ready for it.



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