An Adventure with the Little Mermaid



The Little Mermaid pulling into the dock to pick us up!

If you read the post “Being a Tourist”, you saw a picture of the boat Little Mermaid. Saturday, Popeye and I spent $12 a piece to take a tour of the bay on it. Let me say, it was well worth the $24! This glass bottom boat (Tangent: What is the difference between a boat and a ship? Anyone know? Popeye says, “A ship is a vessel that can survive for more than a day on the ocean. A boat can’t.”) was the perfect way to tour the harbor. It took us past sea lions hanging out on various docking balls, past the harbor break waters, and down the shore to cannery row where harbor seals lounged lazily on the rocks.

Well… here, see for yourselves!

The Little Mermaid readying to take passengers afloat.

Before going afloat everyone must know that the Little Mermaid is Coast Guard certified! If there are any problems life jackets are located below your seat and the instructions are posted!

Passing a Sea Lion

If you look closely, you can see the harbor seals lounging on the rocks!

Sea lions cover the rock pier near the break water!



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