Being a Tourist

I suppose I, Ollie, need to start this post with an apology for being so quiet this week. I was a little preoccupied. I had a standing date with Popeye- not that he had leave to come home, but he sure did have weekend liberty during my birthday! All I can really say is that it was the best birthday ever! So, onward with the post!

Being a Tourist! 

First, I have to admit that the West Coast scored some brownie points. While not quite the warm and humid place I thought I was headed to, it was quite enjoyable. Popeye was correct when he said that it could almost pass as the northern shore. Really it could, until the random palm tree pops up! That almost always breaks the illusion. But again… It wasn’t bad. I could see Popeye and myself living there (Lol, not like we had a choice to start with, but I would actually choose to live there. Yes, even with the earthquakes!)

So what all did Pop and I do in the roughly 48 hours we had to spend together? We did lots and lots of walking! I’m pretty sure we walked to every single touristy spot in town. We walked from the little inn where we stayed to the wharf , to the old cannery, and beyond! We walked 4 miles one day and 8 the next. Below are some of the sights we saw! Hope you all enjoy!





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