Menu Planning begins with a functional board!

In an attempt to be more becky-home-ecky,  I pinned to my pinterest account a picture of a menu board I had envied. I have always been told that eating at home could save money and bond people together. I decided I wanted to try it.

Since that pinning, I’ve been doing more research. What is going to work best for Popeye and me? What kind of board do we like? How will we set it up? This is what we have come up with so far.

The Original Idea! 

Some more research! 

What I like. I like the fact that these are all bold and capture your attention right away. I also like how their designs are simple.

  • The original has a great way to secure the tags and the storage box is large enough to hold the cards.
  • The Left one is great because it has big cards that can hold lots of information.
  • The center one has a convenient “shopping/ Note” pad.
  • The right one is stylish.

What needs improvement.  

  • The Original lacks an interchange in meal planning. I might want to choose a different salad or side with a meal. It also only holds dinner. (The others as well). I want Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!
  • On the left I can see how push pins will easily tear. Also, where do you keep all the tags?
  • The center has a problem with keeping the tags secure. Also, what happens when that pad of paper is finished? Is it replaceable?
  • The right one needs a place for tags and a device to hook them

The Plan: 

I have decided I like this layout the best. It goes with a picture frame we have. By moving the Menu to the bottom, I can attach a holder for index cards. It has a lid to securely hold the tags, a pen and a small replaceable notepad. I can also get this box in a variety of sizes to choose what will work the best. The individual days of the week can be made from dollar store picture frames spray painted and then inlayed with what ever paper I decide to use. Borrowing from the original sample, simple cloths pin holders will securely hold the tags on the boards. I can have 3 cloths pins (one for breakfast, one for lunch and one for dinner). Different color tags can stand for different items, i.e. side dish, desert, Mexican, Asian, Main course. Each cloths pin can hold more than one tag allowing me to mix and match meals!

*** Update! ***

Started the menu board! I went to the dollar store looking for the perfect materials. I found a few picture frames that would do the trick, but while browsing in other locations I made a spectacular discovery. I found 7 wood frame 8X11 white boards. In the frame section there was 1 wood 8X11 document frame in the same color. I bought them. I also found a great folding accordion that fit perfectly inside the document frame. I couldn’t resist.

Using the template above I laid out my supplies.

That was the easy part. The hard part came when I tried to hot glue everything together. Splitting the project in half keeps the sides parallel but poses a problem when you have to glue the 2 sides together. By the time I figured out my plan of attack… I had run out of hot glue. So I finished roughing out design.

I have decided that before I get around to glueing them together I am going to paint the frames black. I’m not sure if I want to paint the days of the week on boards yet or if I want to make paper cut outs with a background and glue it on. Currently the cloths pins are not needed. The boards are all dry erase ones. I could use any dry erase marker to mark breakfast, lunch and dinner. But, like any dry erase board they get old. When they get old the ink from the markers gets harder to scrub off. I decided having a fascinator would solve that problem. The fascinator would be a decorated cloths pin. B for breakfast, L for lunch and S or D for supper or dinner.

***update*** 10/13/12

Working on painting and gluing. I have the first two paint coats on each section. I had to leave the sections where I have to glue them plain for the wood glue to hold. They still need another coat of pain and I still need to figure out how to paint the inner rim.


Glueing is going to take 24 hours. Instructions on the glue bottle said that I have to press the wood together for 30 minutes and then let it sit for 24 hours! I’m using a heavy book with a barrier to help with this process since I don’t have clamps.




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