Mail Call

LOL. Maybe not a true mail call, but I figured that I would update everyone on Popeye.

Popeye is doing phenomenal at A-school. He is excelling in every way. In fact he is the top of his section, and the top of his class. There isn’t a test or a quiz that goes by without him earning an A. I wouldn’t be surprised if he got student of the month for either his barracks or department. His instructors say that he is a very good student. His study habits really show and are paying off. WTG Popeye!

In other news, Popeye is no longer in temporary housing. Despite his initial worries about being moved, he has found his new accommodations completely satisfactory. From now on Popeye will have 2 roommates, but for the time being it’s just Popeye and another sailor who will be graduating in 3 weeks. Popeye and his new roommate are getting along swimmingly. Not only are they jiving, but they are also excelling on room inspections. I guess it can’t get any better than getting an outstanding inspection every single time!

Well that is the update. TTFN. Until next time.



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