Hey everybody, I am so sorry its been so long since I’ve posted. Just been busy.


Well, we are now at a week til Turtle come homes on leave! Woo! Though it is causing a million times more stress than I expected. While he is here we are getting married, driving 4 hours to see my family and have to do DEER’s paperwork. While those three things seem small, they are extremely stressful.

While today, I’ve made the appointment with the Judge to get married and have all the necessary paperwork, I have no idea if the certificate we get with the License will work with for DEER’s, but besides that I have all the paperwork that is needed for that. Minor things in these situations stress me out.
Besides the fact that Turtle is reporting to a new base later in the month and we still have not heard ONE WORD from his “sponsor” there, and the people at the school keep pushing it off. I know the Navy is a “hurry up and wait”, but there isnt much more waiting my nerves can handle. I like to know what is going on, what to expect and how long I will have to be waiting to move with my sailor!


In happier news, Turtle went out and bought me an engagement ring! Which is exciting! He did it all on his own, and I was completely floored with it. It was nothing I was expecting, because I had already ordered a much cheaper (126$) ring from JcPennys. I told him over and over it didn’t matter to me that it wasn’t real. But he went to Harris and got me one that he thought I truly deserved. Which made me cry. BUT! I would also like to point out that Harris’s are near most bases and cater specifically to Military, it was founded by a Marine. And they have the most adorable teddy bears that come in multiple different outfits, Turtle having got me one with Navy whites on!


Well, that’s all for now. ❤




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