A Fallen Hero’s Family Needs Help

Westboro Baptist Church is at it again. These crazy little (expletive) need to be taught a lesson in well… EVERYTHING! There is a time and a place to voice their absurd view points, but a funeral is not one of them! So I, Ollie, am calling on all of you to help out here.

On October 1 2012, just 9 days ago, Sgt. Donna Johnson, 6 years service to our country,  was killed by a suicide bomber while serving her 3rd tour in Afghanistan. She will be laid to rest on October 13 in Raeford North Carolina at the Raeford Presbyterian Church. Volunteers are needed to form a human wall between Sgt. Johnson’s family and the Westboro Baptist Church protestors. Please help us show support for this fallen hero. If you can go, please show up prior to 10.15am. If you can not please spread the word.




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