Phone Privileges and Exams

So Popeye hasn’t sent a letter since his final days in boot camp, but we now have the privilege to talk on the phone, use text messages and Facebook every night.

This week Popeye has been consumed with worry over passing one of the first large tests of his A-school. It’s a big to do where he is. I wish I could expound further but unless you know him personally I can’t. All I can say is that the test took two days and nearly drove Popeye insane.

His instructors had gave them a practice exam that most everyone failed. The real test came a day later. Talk about messing with the heads of a few good men! Even with Popeye’s knowledge in the field, they made him believe that he and the others were doomed.

Test results came back on Friday. I’m not sure who was more relieved- Popeye or me. He didn’t just pass his exam, he aced it. A few of the others got As as well.

With the completion of that exam, Popeye and his class mates move on to part 2 of school. It’s more of the same but more challenging. They are building on what they know and will be expected to retain it. Classes have been stirred up a bit to reflect how they did on the exam, and all are moving forward.

Until next time. Ttfn.



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