One Sailor Inspired Me To Help Over 800 Troops

I’m a civilian who never really thought about the troops. I respected the Military, but to me it was a big government entity. Granted, a heavily armed one but still, I had no connection. That all changed the day I took my then 4 year-old daughter to the USS Intrepid. We met a sailor and the words we exchanged were life-changing.

What happened next is equally amazing. I would share my story and other civilians would be inspired to care and take action too. Troops wrote me how much it meant to them. So I started a blog. I’m hoping to inspire a few more people and help close the divide between the two worlds. I think it’s totally doable. The fabulous women at Buoyed Up think so too. That’s why they invited me to share my sailor story and kindly added Gina left the mall to their blogroll.

I’m Gina and it’s a pleasure to meet you. Below is my sailor story. I look forward to getting to know yours.  After all, we’re in this together.  Or at least, that’s how it should be.

A Sailor Wrecks My Indifference



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