Mail Call!

So far Popeye has done wonderfully on yet another test. He aced his chapter midterm and surprisingly it’s time for him to take the actual chapter final. Popeye has noticed his homework picking up, but none of it is really phasing him yet. Others in his class are not so lucky. I think it surprised Popeye to actually see how many were struggling.

On another note, Popeye’s parents made a trip out to see him. They had a blast. Popeye loved being tour guide as he touted them all over base and the surrounding communities. However, seeing them go was quite an ordeal. Nothing sets on homesick faster for a Sailor then watching his parents go home without him. It crushed Popeye. The good news though was once school started back up he was a little to preoccupied to remain homesick. Sure he still missed home, but he’s coping.

TTFN- Until next time



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