Mail Call!

I spoke to Popeye last night and felt so bad. He was running around like crazy trying to get his errands done. After that, he had homework. Really the day was not that different from any other day, but last night he just sounded exhausted.

Popeye’s day is fairly routine: He wakes early, musters early, attends classes, has a chow break, attends more class, has a PT, has evening chow, runs errands and does homework. It’s been that way for a little over 3 months now. Yes, that is right, he is 3 months into his A-school.

Others in Pop’s PIR division have already graduated their A-schools. Some are enrolled in C school. Some are enrolling into other advanced training programs. And… a few have even been called upon to meet their ships. It’s mind boggling that training for them is happening so fast. Yet, we knew going in that Pop’s schooling was going to take a while.

So while 3 months doing the same thing can get tedious, at least it has been stable. Popeye is still doing well. He’s still acing tests and quizzes. He still has that 4.0. He rocked his fitness test. Navy life, for Popeye, couldn’t get any better.

TTFN- Until next time



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