72 Hours to Survival: Are You Ready?

What will you do when disaster strikes? During a disaster it may take a while, several days in fact, before vital services are restored. Over the next few installments of Are You Ready: 72 Hours to Survival, we will show you how to prepare yourself and your loved ones for an emergency.

So, Are You Ready?

The best way to survive a disaster, is to be prepared for it.  There are 4 simple steps that if followed could be the difference between a simple bad day and a total loss.

  • Step 1: Get Informed
    Knowing what could happen is the best way to prepare for what may come.
  • Step 2: Make a Plan
    In a disaster multiple people will need help at the same time. While first responders will be working as hard and as fast as they can to help those in need, they will not be able to respond immediately to everyone. Should an emergency arise, it is vital for you and your family to have a plan. You should know the steps you will take in order to care for yourselves (on your own) for at least 72 hours.
  • Step 3: Create a Kit
    In an emergency electricity, water, gas, and phone service among other things may not be available. Having a completely stocked disaster kit will help you and your family survive. Experts suggest this kit be stocked and well maintained with enough supplies to last 3 days (72 hours).
  • Step 4: Practice/ Be Involved
    It’s not enough to just have a plan. Practice it! Routinely go through supplies to change out old or expired items. Participate in community awareness projects. Who knows, what you may discover might be the key to saving a life.

In the up and coming weeks, as we work on our own preparedness, we will also show you simple ways in which you can respond directly to a specific disaster. Stay tuned.



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