Another Day Another Test

Popeye had split news this week, but in the end it is all good.

If you all haven’t guessed that the Navy accelerates learning and tests Sailors on their skill set by now, you probably haven’t been paying attention. Popeye again has a test this week. In fact he has 2. One is the standard normal test. The other is a practice exam for their final. Both are graded. Not new, I figured. He always is having an exam and he’s always worried about passing it. Pop just needed a healthy does of ‘at-a-boy’ and ‘you can do it’. Then he explained. The second test of the week isn’t a final for the semester or a final for a module, it’s a practice exam for the final test of A-school…. AND it’s graded. (Holy Crap!) Um…. how on earth do I respond to that? An ‘at-a-boy’ doesn’t quite cover it. Popeye is good at what he does but even I am freaking out about that test. If it is difficult for him, it has to be nearly impossible for the others. Who the heck had that bright idea? Seriously… Who the hell is in charge? I’m just hoping beyond all hope that this test is like those threatened inspections at bootcamp. You know the ones I’m talking about… they turned out to be mock.

But beyond tests, Popeye had some incredible news. The Navy might have an opening for an a-school mini deployment to an undisclosed location for an undisclosed length of time. (Well, He knows but you all don’t get to know until much… much…later. That is IF he is chosen to go.) As it stands so far the Navy has re-opened a suspended program. They are determining the who, what, where, and when of those that will be participating. If Pop’s class is chosen for the program a hand selected few who are at the top of their class will be deployed. Some days it is all Popeye likes to talk about. He is ecstatic about the opportunity and I have to say so am I.

Well, until next time… TTFN



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