Either You Execute or You Don’t

Well this last week had it’s ups and downs for Popeye.

Pop had two tests last week and wasn’t too sure how he had done, but he knew it wasn’t good. This week, when his results came back he was a bit heart broken. He received two As, an A- and a B- . With those results he for sure had damaged his 4.0. Now, you have to understand that getting anything less than a perfect score in A-school crushes Popeye. He is determined to be the best sailor in his specialty that the Navy has ever had. Being less than perfect is not an option. Many of conversations include Popeye telling me the Navy’s version of Yoda’s mantra, “Either you execute or you don’t execute! So… Execute… Execute… Execute!”

So today came as a surprise. Popeye was sure he was going to be pulled into the hall and reamed by his commanding officer for being less than perfect. One by one people were pulled from his class and had their inglorious hallway moments. Pop waited for his turn, but it never came. He was confused until his instructor passed around a sheet that had their GPAs on it. He was informed that it was current and reflected the two tests that had previously been taken. To Pop’s relief he still stood at a 4.0!

Well that’s all I can share with you for now!
TTFN- until next time!



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