On This Day…

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A Special Message from the USNA

What are you thankful for?


3 thoughts on “On This Day…

  1. I’m especially thankful for all the wonderful things I get to do with my little girl. And for the brave men and women who let me have that gift in peace. I know many troops are far from home today. To them and to their families, I give my heartfelt gratitude.

    • Gina, that is wonderful. I also know that there are many of people across the country and around the globe that are thankful for your ability to boost moral! Keep doing what you do! (oh, BTW- Everyone is still dying to know what happened to K’s baby monkey!)

      • Well, I have the easy part but…thank you:) As for K’s baby monkey, when K’s unit pulled out of that area, they gave him to the guys coming in. I bet little Joe boosted their morale too.


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