Can we get a HOOYAH for America’s Navy?

That was my warwhoop of the day! It happened just as I was getting ready to leave work, and of course working where I work, people thought I had won the lottery, hit the jackpot, or something. All I can say is it sure felt like it!


One word- Exodus! 

Today around 3pm CST, US Navy Recruit Training Command let the cat out of the bag. They made a brief statement about Exodus and how graduating recruits would go about it.

Facebook Friends, some details for those loved ones of recruits graduating Dec. [censored]:

Those recruits graduating and attending A-school at TSC Great Lakes will check in across the street first and then go on leave from TSC starting on Saturday, [censored].

Those recruits graduating and attending A-school OUTSIDE the Great Lakes area will go on leave from here no earlier than [censored] on Friday, [censored]. In coordination with the Great Lakes “Mass Exodus,”


Have I confused you yet? Let me start over.

Q. What is Exodus?

A. Exodus is essentially a two week period around Christmas where Navy A-schools shut down.

Q. What is so special about A-school shutting down for a few weeks? 

A. Nothing is really special about A-school shutting down. The special part happens with what Sailors are allowed to do. Since Sailors have no classes those weeks, the Navy came up with a solution that they call Mass Exodus. It provides a prefect opportunity for Sailors to burn some of their accumulating benefits. They are allowed to take leave.

Q. Take leave?

A. Go home! Okay so take leave doesn’t directly translate into go home, it means leaving the base and surrounding area for more than 48 hours. Sailors can take leave to go on vacation or in this case, go home for the holiday.

Q. How do I know if my Sailor has Exodus?

A. Ask them. In order for a Sailor to take leave they have to have asked for it. The next time you talk to your Sailor ask if they put in a special chit (permission) for Exodus. Once you do that, I’m sure they will fill you in on all the details. After all, they are looking forward to exodus as much as the rest of us are looking forward to having them home!

Q. My Sailor isn’t in A-school. Does he/ she get Exodus too?

A. Remember the Navy is on watch 24/7. Not every Sailor can come home for the holidays. If your Sailor isn’t stationed at an A-school they can still put in a chit for leave, but it won’t be considered part of the Exodus. Approval of those chits will be determined on a case by case bases.

Now, if your Sailor is currently at the RTC and is graduating later than December 21, they will NOT be included in Exodus, but are eligible for the RTC adopt a sailor program.

For Sailors that are currently deployed, it is very unlikely that a leave chit will be granted for the holiday. These Sailors are actively doing what they volunteered and trained to do. While they and we both wish that they could be with us for the holiday, the success of their mission is more important.

Well folks, that is about all. If you know your Sailor is in A-school, talk to them about their Exodus plans. Until next time. TTFN



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