I know, I know its been a while since I’ve updated everyone, Ollie keeps reminding me!  So here is your update…

Dean has been doing very well in his class, and they have split the EM (Electricians Mate)and ET (Electrician Tech)for the remainder of A school we only have about 6 weeks left only 3 of which are actual classes and then holiday stand down and then Comp week.  Comp week is when they take basically a final exam for A school.

We also added a member to our family… we got another dog!!  He is a 1.5 year old chocolate lab and he is just a sweetheart.  We got him from another couple who named him Nuke… it fits him so well though.

2 of my 3 Boys

We stayed here for Thanksgiving and had about 12 people in total at our house… WOW what a way to make my 1st Thanksgiving ALONE.  Everything turned out AMAZING and we are still eating left overs 🙂

As for me (Marie)  I got a second job to keep busy and to ease some of the boredom that comes with being a Nuke’s wife.  THEY ARE NEVER HOME!!!  I say it daily I wouldnt have it any other way though.  I was actually listening to the song Im Going Home and the lyrics say “I dont regret this life I chose for me”  Those words are so true,  even though we are missing things at “home”. Both Dean and I have realized that “home” is where we make it and that we dont regret any decision that has led us to where we are!




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